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What They're Sayin'

I'm a complete beginner on bass guitar, yet  Joe's lessons made it easier for me to learn. Thanks a bunch and hoping you make more awesome lessons and tutorials. -  John D.

  I am a self-taught guitar player, but Joe's emphasis on music theory is always appreciated to help build my own foundations. Joe was the first musician I have heard that was able to explain modes in a way that I could digest. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he truly loves to play and learn more about the instrument that he loves so much. Joe will be a teacher that you can jive with, I guarantee it. -  David F.

You’re one of the few people that do tutorial vids the way they should be done. You take extra attention to make sure that what you do show is good quality. I like that. I've been playing bass for going on 7 years now, so I know the ropes pretty well but there are always things that I have yet to learn, and you've helped with a few of those; your harmonics lessons come to mind here. Keep it up. Good luck. -  Caleb M.

I have been playing bass since 1984. Joe is an enigma Everyone who wants to better at bass should be turned on to Joe.  - Jeff G.

Joe has been an inspiration to me. Not only is he a very accomplished/talented musician, he is especially adept at explaining / demonstrating confusing concepts. My bass playing has improved dramatically because of him. Not only have I gained a teacher, I feel I have gained a friend as well.

I highly recommend his lessons to anyone! - Gary E.

Your lessons have really helped enhance my abilities of learning the bass. Your approach is efficiently delivered and more often to the point of the fundamental. Thanks for being a part of the unending journey to virtuosity -  Steven S

I'm a self-taught bass player and a beginner for the second time in my life. Joe's enthusiasm and knowledge were very motivating and moved me to start playing again. Thanks! - François V.

Paris - France

I've been a bass player for over ten years now who perform on a regularly at so many venues but being self taught, I missed out on some crucial fundamentals of the bass. However since following Joe's lessons I've seen rapid improvement in my playing. Joe's lessons and teaching methods is so powerful yet easy to grasp. I wish I had him as my teacher from the start. -  Timon T.

I really enjoy your lessons, they're pretty easy to understand and enjoyable, thanks for sharing. -  Mario R.

I started playing 9 months ago, and now sound like a pro thanks to Joe! -Beau, Costa Rica

Joe's fantastic lessons have brought my appreciation of bass and music to a new level. His lessons range from the basic fundamentals to advanced techniques. His manner of teaching is clear and to the point. Joe is an inspiration. -  Dan F, Ireland

I have been playing bass for almost a year. and I do love it. I've looked at hundreds and hundreds of people offering bass lessons, none of them can match up to the quality of Joe's lessons, because of one thing -  Joe's love and passion for music and the electric bass. His is the only one I would like to relate to. He loves the bass and loves music, and as a musician sometimes that makes all the difference in being a sound musician. and Joe is sound, very sound. -  Maulanna M , Indonesia

Joe is an excellent teacher, he explains everything very simple and makes you understand it and use it in a correct way! (You do not fall asleep while he is talking) - Maher H.

Joe, it's great to hear that you are launching your new web site. your lessons have improved my bass playing tremendously. I'm now playing at the Hard Rock Cafe here on GUAM, USA. Thanks for all your help and GOD BLESS and Good Luck.  - Shamu S., Guam

As a newbie to playing the bass, I’ve found Joe's videos more helpful than most instructional DVDs I’ve owned, as they are easier to follow and he covers everything I need to help me be a better player. So cheers!  - Matt H., U.K.

Joe is a wonderful bass teacher: knowledgeable but simple, and he has some of the craziest skills I have ever witnessed. but isn't overwhelming. Seriously the most helpful guy you will ever come across anywhere! - David D., UK/Jamaica

Hey Joe (haha),

Thanks for your great vids! I've just started playing bass and your lessons were very inspiring to me.
Best Regards from Germany,
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