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About Me

I am a  Bassist/Guitarist/Vocalist. Picked up my dad's guitars as a kid and haven't put them down since. Versatility is my nature as I draw my talent from all styles of music: funk, jazz, rock, world-sound, etc. I have a flair for drama on stage (oh boy!!) and am a showman, which keeps the fans coming back for more! My dad always wanted to know when he’d get his guitars back…

DOB:     11/09/68

Read/Write: English and Spanish

30 years - Live/Stage performer

20 years - guitar/bass instructor

Lead/Background vocals (mid/high tenor range)

Bass/guitar/drums/simple keyboard parts

Main instruments: Ibanez 4, 5, and 6-string electric basses, Ibanez and Epiphone 6-string electric, and acoustic guitars

Well-versed in digital recording (ProTools, Roland VS, Garageband, etc...)


Gigs (past and present):

Dustin Parker Band



Alter Ego

Off The Leash



Sing With The Band

Available for sessions and sub gigs.
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